The Comments are Worth …

Now the Washington Post article Stop telling kids you’re bad at math. You are spreading math anxiety ‘like a virus.’ echos my last post.  The comments were more interesting to the way people reacted to the article.  Yes some comments in my eyes had valid points.

Those who disagreed with the premise, I changed the word Math to either read or write and the argument seemed very weak.  I use to say I can not draw but it was pointed out I can draw basic shapes by a visual arts colleague.  So yes I can draw but I am no artist.

So what is wrong with I can do Math but I am no Mathematician? Nothing!!


Starting Point

Had a supper last night with a friend and it was his comment that has spurred me to start this blog. This is my journey of change where I wish to share my thoughts on what has worked and not worked in the classroom. Thanks AC.