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If it worked for me as a student then..

My high school math experience was log and trig tables working with a slide rule.  Calculators were a year away and $100 to buy one.

Does my classroom today reflect the way I learnt Mathematics?  Does today’s classroom look the same as the one I walked into 30 years ago?  For my students, I hope not for their sake.

I as worked with my grade 9 and 10 applied students, it was obvious that they had a different mathematical background to the one I had. Imagine, set theory was part of my grade 7 and 8 curriculum.

As I changed to a problem based/inquiry style class so did the appreciation of my students.  Instead of “they know very little”, it is “what is it that they know?”  What are the gaps that each one has and how do I help fill in the gap. (Individual student program – novel). I now see students doing more than just enough and bored with another lesson but an engaged group of students.

So now with SSI, I was able to leverage what I started to be the evidence based strategy (EBS) and track what I was accomplishing.  Did I have to change because of this program? No but change has been part of my educational evolution.

Future posts will document the changes with the successes and failures I encountered.

Is the old way the best way, let your classroom tell you, mine did.


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High school Mathematics teacher in the Toronto Catholic District School Board. See About for more info.

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